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Private Treatment fee guide - correct as of June 2019

Private fee guide

Our dental clinic is dedicated to providing a high quality of dental care to all our patients and fees are calculated to cover the costs of providing a high standard of preventative dental care.

Denplan Essentials

£17 per month Included in plan


Intial Examination £55 Included in plan
Intial Child Examination £30 Included in plan
Regual Examination £40 Included in plan
Child Examination £25 Included in plan
Xrays each £15 Included in plan
Panoral Xrays £30 Included in plan
Study Models each £40 £38
Wax Up per unit £20 £19
Emergency Appointment same day £70 Included in plan
Emergency Appointment within 24 hrs £60 Included in plan

Preventative Care

Airflow £45.00 £42.75
Hygienist and airflow £80.00 £42.75
Hygienist Session £65 Included in plan
Scale and polish with dentist £45 N/A
Fissure sealing per tooth £20 £19
Sports mouth guard + study models start from £70 £66.5
Sports mouth guard 2 colour £90 £85.5
Sports mouth Guard design £100 £95
Perio Chip £27 £25.65
Retainers £120 £114


Temporay filling £50 £47.5
Amalgam (Silver) from small £80 £76
Amalgam (Silver) from medium £90 £85.5
Amalgam (Silver) from large £100 £95
Composite (white) from small £90 £85.5
Composite (white) from medium £120 £114
Composite (white) from large £130 £123.5
All fillings pin retention £25 £23.75
Glass ionomer from small £60 £57
Glass ionomer from large £70 £66.5

Advanced Restorations including lab fee

ceramic crown £550 £522.5
Gold Crown £550 £522.5
Porcelain bonded crown £450 £427.5
Re-cement crown £60 £57
lab made post/core £120 £114
surgery made post/core £110 £104.5
Ceramic inlay £530 £503.5
Gold Inlay £410 £389.5
porcelain inlay £395 £375.25
Temporary bridge per ubnit £100 £95
Porcelain bridge per unit £475 £451.25
Ceramic bridge per unit £550 £522.5
Mary land bridge metal wings £295 £280.25
porcelain veneer £450 £427.5
ceramic veneer £550 £522.5

Root fillings (including x-rays)

incisor /canine RCT £225 £213.75
premolar upper/lower £275 £261.25
molar £350 £332.5
RE - RCT from £375 £356.25


Sedation £350 £332.5
Extraxtion from £115 £109.25
complex/multi extractions /rootas divide £230 £218.5
Hemisection from £600 £570
Apicectomy from £250 £237.5
lower wisdon teeth £325 £308.75
treatment of infected socket £40 £38
suture removal £60 £57
Implant Consultation FOC FOC
Implant treatment per unit £2000 £2000

Prosthetics (incl. lab fees)

full set acrylic dentures £650 £617.5
Upper or lower acrylic dentures £325 £308.75
partial acrylic denture £275 £261.25
Upper or lower CrCo dentures £700 £665
Tooth addition to denture £80 £76
denture re-line hard (lab made) £100 £95
Denture re-line soft (lab made) £120 £114
denture reline (surgery made) £140 £133


Whitening trays £120 £120
Enlighten whitening £495 £470.25
Top up whitening gel £65 £65
Airflow £60 £57
Quick straight teeth per arch £1800 £1800
Quick straight teeth both arches £2600 £2600

Facial Aesthetics

Wrinkle reducing injections 1 area £195 £195
Wrinkle reducing injections 2 area £245 £245
Wrinkle reducing injections 3 areas £295 £295
dermal filler £240 £240

Our dental clinic is dedicated in providing quality dentistry, utilising the very latest techniques and materials available for the benefit of our patients in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Fees are calculated to cover the costs of providing a high standard of dental care.

Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Why are we offering Denplan essentials?

The main reason we offer Denplan essentials is because so many patients have asked us to. With Denplan essentials, you don't need to wait and worry about dental problems happening suddenly, although if they do, we're always here to help.

Denplan Essentials highlights:

  • Budget wisely and protect yourself from dental problems and extra cost later on
  • Benefit from cover for check-ups, dental x-rays, access to hygiene treatment and expert advice.
  • Enjoy better dental health and a brighter smile.
  • Feel better about your dental hygiene with scaling and polishing included in your plan, enabling you to smile with confidence.

What are the advantages of joining our Denplan?

Denplan essentials gives you:

An easy way to spread the cost of your routine check-ups and preventative advice

Scaling and polishing and other hygiene treatments -preventative dental advice.

Dental x-rays

The option to combine your plan with Denplan Supplementary Insurance and cover yourself for dental emergencies and injuries. Denplan Supplementary Insurance is dental emergency and injury cover that pairs perfectly with Denplan Essentials to cover your routine care while protecting you from unexpected costs.

For 60p per person per month the Denplan Supplementary Insurance provides:

Cover for the cost of temporary emergency treatment in the UK when you're more than 40 miles away from your dental clinic

Cover for the cost of temporary emergency treatment while you're abroad anywhere in the world.

Cover towards treatment costs if you have a dental injury.

Access to our 24 Hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline

How do you join Denplan?

Joining is very simple. All you have to do is complete a registration form and Direct Debit mandate. In addition to your first monthly payment, an initial registration fee of £15 per person will be charged and will be included in your first Direct Debit payment. If you choose to leave the plan for any reason you can do so by simply giving us one month's notice.