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New Hygienist Fee as of 1st June 2013

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

As of 1st June 2013 the hygienist fee will increase to £48.00.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact our reception team on 01536 799210 who will be happy to help.

Dental Hygienist

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

A dental hygienist is specially trained in the prevention and treatment of gum (periodontal) disease, which is the main cause of adult tooth loss. They will give you advice on all aspects of oral health.

What will the hygienist do?

  • Give oral health advice and instruction.
  • Demonstrate effective tooth brushing techniques.
  • Discuss the lastest oral hygiene products.
  • Detailed explanation, treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.
  • Removal of plaque and calculus deposits.
  • Discuss secondary factors that cause periodontal disease.
  • Give diet advice.
  • Advice on fluoride and apply fluoride varnishes to help remineralise early signs of tooth caries.
  • Polish the teeth to remove stains.
  • Help make the mouth healthier by changing the gums from red and inflammed to a healthy pink, stop gums bleeding, prevent teeth from becoming mobile and drifting and help prevent bad breath.

Sometimes the presence of periodontitis reflects that a systemic illness is occuring, such as Diabetes, Mellitus, White cell disorders and Coronary heart disease. Therefore it is essential to be aware of how healthy your gums are.

How long is the appointment?

The appointments are usually 30 minutes long, but this can differ depending on the treatment required.

What is the cost?

Treatment with the hygienist is a private service and costs £45 for a 30min appointment.

Will it hurt?

A scale and polish is usually painless. If you experience any discomfort, the hygienist can use anaesthetic creams and solutions.

Can the dentist do the same treatment?

The dentists don’t have the amount of time to carry out the work of a hygienist. Therefore they recommend an appointment with the hygienist who has been specially trained in treatment and prevention of periodontitis and who has the time and equipment to give you the best treatment.

What other treatments does a hygienist offer?

Other treatments include airflow, which is an advanced stain removal service. They are also able to offer whitening treatments. For more information, ask your dentist or hygienist.

How often should i see a hygienist?

We generally recommend seeing the hygienist every 6 months, however for some people this can be too much or too little. The hygienist will advise each individual the best plan for them.

Enlighten teeth whitening

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010




Enlighten is the most recent whitening system we have at Mawsley dental clinic and from the dentists point of view, it is the best we have yet to come across. It is a combination treatment meaning that there is a 2 week home treatment followed by a 1 hour visit to your dentist.

How do i get started?

You can book an appointment with your dentist for a consultation and they will go through the procedure with you. When you decide to go ahead with the treatment, the dentist will have to take upper and lower impressions of your teeth. This is sent to a specialised enlighten laboratory for the whitening trays to be made. This takes 2weeks or you have a fast track option where for an additional cost, you could have the trays back within 3days.

Once the trays are back you will have another appointment with the dentist for them to talk you through the treatment and take a starting shade of your teeth. They will give you the trays and whitening kit which includes the whitening gel and desensitising swabs.

What do i have to do at home?

You will have to wear the trays with the gel in them for 14 nights. On the 15th day you will have an appointment with your dentist for the second part of the treatment which takes place in the surgery and only takes 40mins.

How long does it last?

We advise that you top up your whitening by wearing the trays for 1 night every month. This will ensure your teeth are kept at the optimum result.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience some sensitivity, however you will have received some desensitising swabs in your take home kit, which will work immediately.

Is it safe?

Completely, the materials used in enlighten whitening have been used in dentistry for over 100 years.

AIRFLOW! Tooth stain removal

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Before airflow         After airflow

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Staining of the teeth can occur from tea, coffee, red wine and certain foods that we eat. Airflow is a simple, painless solution to rid you of the stains and make your mouth feel fresh and clean.

How it works.

It is a mixture of air and modified sodium bicarbonate combined with a water jet which produces a spray at high speed. This removes the stains easily and quickly.

You would be surprised at what a difference airflow can make. It may be all you need to make you feel happier about the appearance of your teeth.

Ask reception or your dentist about airflow.