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Welcome to the world Charlie!!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of Charlie, Alison’s baby boy, born on 25th August 2012 weighing 6lb 2oz.

He is a beautiful little boy and Georgia is a very proud big sister!

Congratulations to Alison and Tim, we look forward to welcoming Alison back to the clinic in October.

Six month smile blog by Dominic Panter (Dental Nurse at Mawsley Dental Clinic)

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I had my six month smiles braces placed on December 14th 2011 as I was very self conscious and unhappy with my smile. I never used to smile as I was so paranoid about my teeth. I decided to go with six month smile over traditional orthodontics as I wanted a quick result and a cosmetic appliance.

At first I found the braces quite uncomfortable which myself and Alison did not anticipate, but after a few days of eating a soft diet the pain rapidly subsides and you soon get used to this sensation..

Within about three weeks I noticed my teeth were moving already to which I thought could not be possible. When it came to changing my elastics 4 weeks later I noticed they were quite stained and this is down to a strong coloured food diet.


My six month smile appliance has now been placed for 4 weeks, the system just feels very normal in my mouth and I don’t even realise that it is fitted to my teeth other than a few minor ulcers which gave me slight discomfort. I used the orthodontic comfort wax and warm salty mouth washes this soon calmed the ulcers down.

The change in my teeth during month 2 was quite amazing, I was happy with the results and I felt more confident already. When my elastics were changed again they were still quite stained but again this was down to my diet.


At the beginning of month 3 one of my brackets came off due to eating crusty bread this was causing no pain but was just frustrating when eating as the bracket was still present on the wire and I could feel it moving. Alison soon corrected this by taking the wire off, re-cementing the bracket and then replacing the wire, after this it all felt normal as before.


Now I am in month 4 of the treatment, I feel that my teeth are almost perfect just very slight alterations are needed. I am very pleased with the results at this stage, I did not think that it could be possible this quick.


The fifth month has soon come round and I am now looking forward to the finished result. There are still very slight alterations needed just on one stubborn tooth. If these alterations were not needed my brace would be off and then I would have my smile and confidence back.


As the end of my treatment is soon approaching my 6 month smile braces have worked perfectly the results are out of this world. I never thought how perfect they would look due to the severity of my case but it really is amazing, it has completely changed my life.


(Photos and a further update available soon, check back to follow Dom’s story….)

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Monday, September 17th, 2012

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